"For more than ten years, I have had severe arch / foot bottom pain. It was mostly on the left foot, which was injured in two places in my younger days. Sprained ankles and Achilles injury specifically. In addition, my jobs always required heavy boots with ankle support. This seems to have contributed to a stiffening of the foot and lack of flexibility – though I never recognized this until therapy by McKenzie Crossing. The pain in my arch was especially bad when in the standing mode but not too bad when walking. No shoes were comfortable. I would shift all my weight to the good foot (right) to make it through whatever standing was necessary in the day."


Dave M.

Waldport, OR

"About three years ago, while leading a very active lifestyle and walking several miles every day, I developed a mechanical dysfunction of my right foot, which prevented me from walking or even wearing a shoe for almost one year. Brian is truly my miracle worker!"

Amelia K.

Corvalis, OR

"Upon completion of just 8 sessions, along with his recommendation for custom orthotics, I am completely cured!  I am excited that I can now wear more than 1 pair of shoes and can walk bear-footed without pain and discomfort.  I will refer everyone in need of physical therapy to McKenzie Crossing Orthopedic Physical Therapy."

Tami S.

Cottage Grove, OR

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"I was a patient about two years ago. Dr. Brian Gesik and Margaret Dixon-McDonald were primarily the people who worked with me. When I came to you I had just had both my knees replaced and wasn't walking very well. Since my time with you I have met others who have had one or two knees replaced, but a completely different therapy experience. 


I am writing to tell you how much I appreciate your hands-on approach to therapy and how well it has worked long term (if two years can count as that!). Currently I enjoy hiking, camping and kayaking. I am mostly pain free (just the cracking and complaining of the metal knees). I am so thankful that I can live and move around like a "normal" person.


I recommend everyone contact your office for therapy and sing the praises of the methods you employ-no one else is doing what you do. One person said she had been going to therapy for two months, and her therapist had yet to touch her at all. Such a different experience!"

Cathy S.

Oakridge, OR

"McKenzie Crossing is a TOP NOTCH business, from the office staff to the therapists, up to Mr. Gesik. All the people are hands on, well trained, personable and caring.


GO HERE FIRST! You won't be disappointed."


Eugene, OR

"Brian Gesik, co-owner of McKenzie Crossing Orthopedic Physical Therapy, understands foot pain issues better than any doctor I have ever seen. Brian’s knowledge of foot bones, muscle and tendons, combined with his ultra-therapeutic physical manipulation, is genius.

Thanks to his work over multiple visits, the musculoskeletal pain in my feet is virtually gone. And to some degree, Brian’s work even helped lessen my nerve pain from chronic idiopathic neuropathy.

But, the true hot commodity here is the continuity of care that Brian and staff deliver. He’s trained his people with a curriculum of proprietary knowledge, gleaned from decades of advanced education and private practice. That’s what has made Brians’ business such an amazing place for the foot pain afflicted.

I’m very happy I discovered McKenzie Crossing, and that Brian was able to help me cross over to living with less foot pain than I’ve had in a great, many years."

Brian B.

Waldport, OR

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