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Working with Nick and the whole staff has been a great experience. I felt that I was in very knowledgeable hands, progressed as expected - as expectations were clearly discussed and worked through at each appointment. 


I got to work with Nick, Gwyn, Kate, Kylee & Meghan - all were extremely helpful, skilled, and professional.  I particularly appreciated the process Mckenzie Crossing folks use, and the ability to answer questions throughout each session.


Very good, went from chronic pain to almost none. Very friendly staff and always willing to help & answer questions.


I have nothing but good things to say about my experience here. I would recommend MCOPT to anyone in need of physical therapy. Thank you!


 All the staff are great, they met ALL my needs. Doctors & assistants were very tentative of all my pain and resolved all my issues. The facility was clean and a very welcoming place to come to. I would highly recommend Mckenzie Crossing for any treatment needed.


I am very pleased with the care I received. Nick is an outstanding physical therapist, the only one who has ever been able to resolve my mid-back issues. Years of pain and tightness resolved in a remarkably short time. Thanks very much to the entire staff at MCOPT!


 I could see a real difference during the sessions I had. Nick was very impressive and a big help. Meghan was awesome. All the staff did a great job.


 Excellent care. They cared about me as an individual and I always felt as though I was the only one on their mind while I was there. Before this I was not an advocate for Physical Therapy, but my opinion has changed after my successful PT at Mckenzie Crossing!


 Everyone is awesome at their job here. It only took 6 times for Nick and Crew to fix my problem & now I am pain free!


 Always a wonderful experience when I come here & I always leave feeling so much better. All the staff are incredibly friendly. 



 This is my second injury and my second time coming to Mckenzie Crossing. As long as they are around, I will never go anywhere else. The care I received was impeccable! The staff are genuine, caring and friendly. Super motivating! I left their care with a considerate amount of mobility and virtually no pain. I would recommend this team to anyone needing therapy. 


 I've been here for car accident pain & the exercises & hands on work has transformed my pain from unbearable-causing nausea, to mild, workable and manageable. Best experience with positive, effective methods of healing!



   I limped in, I walked out! Thank you Brian, Gwyn and all staff!


   My experience with Mckenzie Crossing has been so great. I am not a touchy-feely person, and they made the process so comfortable. My pain is gone in my shoulder, and they have helped with my back pain. Coming here saved me from paying an expensive MRI bill and a possible surgery. Everyone has been so nice and comforting/helpful. Thank you everyone so much.



   Very thorough explanation of treatment at every visit; Caring, encouraging staff. I highly recommend Mckenzie Crossing!


    My Physical Therapist was Jeremiah Cruz and he is amazing. A very kind and wonderful person with great stories. He and staff took really great care of me and my injury. Kinda wish my stay was longer!


     Great! I appreciate having the tools to take care of my insecurities & what to do if not improving. Brian, Gwyn & Meghan (All of the staff) were professional & fun! Great environment! Thank you!


    Very good experience. Very good, professional people working here. Came here with some knee pain. Now no knee pain. I feel Physical Therapy here has postponed or possibly eliminated the need for knee replacement. 


   I am a regular at MCOPT and SO grateful for the providers here! The technique they use helps enormously with my pain and they consistently help me manage any issues I have. Everyone here- from the folks at the front to all the PT's and Aides- are all friendly, kind, & so helpful. I would highly recommend MCOPT to anyone who has pain and wants it to go away through a gentle method that works. 


  I have always had my doubts about physical therapy solving such a chronic issue but Cheyenne has been 100% effective. I now have no issues with that injury. We always joke that it's voodoo but it's amazing how it really works, and the pleasant staff are always great to see. 


  Mckenzie Crossing is my go to for Physical Therapy. It has been a treat to come to my session with Brian and Gwyn. 


   My experience with Mckenzie Crossing was exceptional! Nick and his assistants were friendly and very knowledgeable. They gave me great exercises to help decrease the pain in my neck and back. I would highly recommend them to anyone needing physical therapy. 


  Nick, Gwyn & Kate were SOOO much help to me. I came in having so much pain, unable to enjoy even a trip to the store. They helped me with education and exercising to learn to work on posture and balance. They are amazing! I now know how to improve my posture and help get better. The pain now is minimal. And when I over do it, I know now how to make it manageable. Thank you for having people like this!


  I have come to Mckenzie Crossing multiple times. They are kind, professional, and expert at what they do. I always find the help I need here and am so grateful for the relief of pain. 



  What a great team to have in your cornerThank you Cheryl & crew!


 I have been coming here for many years. I have a lot of shoulder & neck pain from a car accident & fall. Brian has taken great care of me and helped me recover. The staff is very helpful and kind. I keep coming back here when I need therapy because I always feel so much better after treatment. Thanks Brian & Mckenzie Crossing for taking care of me!


Brian has helped me more in 4 visits than I was able to accomplish in 2 years with other physical therapy. Everyone that works here is extremely knowledgeable and every visit has been an amazing experience. I recommend Mckenzie Crossing to everyone including my parents!


I've had a great experience here at Mckenzie Crossing! The hands on therapy & take home exercises have kept me from needing cervical spine surgery & given my mobility back! I am now able to turn my head both directions and am relieved of the pain I was having. In addition, all of the team at Mckenzie Crossing are warm, friendly & caring.


Brian and the PT Aides are what I consider the Healers: Respectful, Thorough, Attentive to detail, & Excellent teachers. Every PT in this practice is fantastic. You receive real hands-on healing here.


 After a fall I was in severe pain in my legs. My treatment at MCOPT helped me alleviate the pain starting with the first treatment. The recommended exercises helped me get my strength & endurance back.  I highly recommend MCOPT. Every staff member is committed to quality & professional service. THEY GET RESULTS!


Nick & staff are very skilled & informative .  They played a key role in getting me back to feeling better & improving my mobility!!

Thank you                                                                                                Robert

I highly recommend this physical therapy practice because it's just not your average PT.  In addition to the traditional methods, they use my office time to treat the areas of pain with what seems like magic.  No pain, no drama, just healing.  Cheyenne and Megan are an amazing team and when I neededsubstitute she was well informed and able to keep the continuity of my treatment.  Everyone in the office kind and gracious and there is just an overall environment of peach and healing.  Cheyenne and Megan are both very knowledgeable and competent!  I highly recommend!  Thank you guys for everything and making me feel better.


Brian and the team at MCOPT are SO GREAT!  The staff is knowledgeable, attentive, and always get my back to doing the things I love.  The treatment is top notch and provides immediate relief to my acute injuries.  Best place ever!!!  Thank you


The staff at MCOPT has one of the highest levels of expertise I have ever encountered in my experience with PT. I have been given the best chance to recover from my accident by the therapy I received from MCOPT!


Thank you to Jeremiah and Cassandra for getting me motivated after knee surgery.  I enjoyed the person attention and expertise you both shared with me. 



Very skeptical at first. Figured I needed surgery.  I was wrong!  I feel amazing. You guys really helped!  Thank you all so much!


Fabulous treatment, caring staff.  I can perform most activities including walking independently after 3 months from a broken femur.  Thank you for all your help!




The method used by therapists at MCOPT is just right for meOver a ten year period, with every injury or condition I've had, each of the 3 different therapists has resolved my problem in a short time.  The assistants have always been excellent educators too.  Everyone at each level of care or business has ben  friendly, kind, patient, and respectful.



This was the first time I ever had P.T.  I really did not know what to expect, but the end result has been great.  Thanks to all at McKenzie Crossing for the excellent work and new friendships as a result. 



Very friendly staff helped me get to where I wanted to be for my future. 


I am impressed with my experience.  Everyone her is person centered all the time and have helped to improve my sciatica.  Thank you so much!


Dr. Nick was awesome!  Works miracles and gives you the tools to improve and heal.  All the girls were helpful with the

exercises as well and understanding that life doesn't always allow for working and doing all exercises.  Thank you


Amazing. Great staff. Very kind.


"I was referred to Dr. Brian by a friend because my frozen shoulder was restricting my daily movement and causing pain. After the first session I had so much relief, I couldn't believe it! After 10 sessions I have little restriction and only slight pain due to arthritis. I have learned some great exercises and stretches that I use daily. These are great help! Staff explained every exercise, how to do it and why. Invaluable knowledge that I can use. I'm back to my routine at the gym and trying a yoga class. Thank you Dr. Brian and all the great staff at McKenzie Crossing PT. Gonna be a great summer of fishing for me!" 


"Very positive. Sessions were very productive and the therapists were quick to focus on and identify problem areas. Exercises were very helpful in targeting the problems and providing improvement."


"I love the gentle approach to the therapy provided here. Staff are professional and the therapists are focused on finding the core issue and addressing it for long term healing."



"I have been a patient for many years with different issues. This series has went great in helping me move and return to daily life."


"Dr. Brian and his team helped me with elbow pain from a surgery I had years prior. Before treatment, I could barely use my right hand and arm without pain. After treatment, almost all of my symptoms are gone and I am able to do activities I've been missing out on over the last year."


"I really enjoyed coming to McKenzie Crossing. The staff were all very friendly and willing to care for my needs to get well. I'm glad I picked this place to get my knee back in shape."


"Nicholas was very patient and truly cared about my overall health and wellness. He took the time to physically help me through a couple issues and feelings. I'm sleeping a lot better because of him and his team."


"My therapists were amazing, I was treated by Jerry & Gwyn. The support staff were knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. I would recommend MCOPT to all who need orthopedic rehab and therapy.


"Everyone was knowledgeable and compassionate. I feel I received excellent care and treatment as well as pain relief. I would recommend this office to anyone needing treatment. The people were great!"


"Nick was very helpful with my shoulder pain and the rest of the staff was very helpful also."


"6 weeks ago, my shoulder was painful with extremely limited range of motion. Thanks to the work of Dr. Nick and the rest of the staff at McKenzie Crossing, my healing is nearly complete. The knowledge, care, and professionalism of each person here has been stellar and the results, miraculous."


"I worked with Nick & Kate and I thought they were both wonderful! They were kind, professional, and easy to work with. Nick taught me a lot and I appreciate that he took a holistic view rather than just focusing on my knee. I would recommend this organization to others and return if I ever had the need! Excellent experience!"


"My experience was awesome. I was told everything that was going on with my care. Everyone I encountered was very nice. I felt very comfortable in my care here. I have, and still will tell everyone about McKenzie Crossing."



"I have needed help in managing a lot of chronic pain from a sport injury. MCOPT has consistently given me relief and allowed my to continue my active lifestyle. I highly recommend MCOPT. They are knowledgeable, professional, and care more about my return to a healthy active lifestyle than having a profitable return client." 


"The staff at Mckenzie Crossing are knowledgeable, helpful, and they care. In the last month, I have recommended Mckenzie Crossing to two of my friends. They are great!


"My experience with Mckenzie Crossing has been really great! The therapists did a really great job at adapting my exercises to help me get back to work. The office staff are all very nice and really helpful with scheduling"


"Nick was great to work with and be really helped me with my recovery.  He was also very sociable and made every visit fun."


"A wonderful help in my recovery.  A great team!"


"The staff at the front desk are kind, friendly, and organized.  They are very welcoming.  My P.T. answers my questions, explains issues very well, and is incredibly knowledgeable.  (Plus friendly and has a sense of humor)  I have worked with Kate, who is amazing at her job, and quite funny.  Derek and Cass explain and demonstrate the exercises.  They are so patient and knowledgeable as well,  After every appointment, I feel better and have tools in my toolbox to continue to improve. "


Very appreciative of the time and care provided by McKenzie Crossing staff.  The PTA team is exceptional and I appreciated the highly collaborative and creative environment. 



"I am a 68 year old retired teacher, and my experience at McKenzie Crossing was unexpectedly pleasant!  Who knew?!!I had anticipated awkward exercises and other uncomfortable moments.  I couldn't have been more wrong!  This staff was professional, respectful, considerate and compassionate.  Before visiting McKenzie Crossing Orthopedic Physical Therapy, I had been having a LOT of pain in my neck and shoulders, as well as headaches on the right side of my head.  I was unable to do the things I would normally do on the computer, read with my head titled, or work on my cell phone.  I had received two steroid shots at my doctor's office and the injections did nothing to relieve the constant ache.  Worst of all, I was getting worse!  After just four sessions, I am finished with therapy an am well equipped for continued success with the short daily exercises designed to address my unique needs.  These I learned from friendly, laid back, Derek who taught me how to correctly stretch, increase muscle strength, and improve my posture.  I would also like to give a shout out to Nick Gammie for his ability to apply strain/counter strain therapy to painfully tight, strained muscles in my neck, shoulders, and the lower back of my head.  It worked like magic to loosen up the muscles and relieve the cramping and kinks associated with arthritis and a previous improper lifting injury from a few years ago.  The relief Nick's methods provided me with was almost instantaneous and my neck and shoulders got better and better with each session.  I have also stopped having those nagging headaches on the right side of my head.  I really can't say enough good things about Nick, Derek, and McKenzie Crossing.  I feel like I have a new release on life!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."




"Jeremiah was a wonderful Physical Therapist. Very, very good at what he's doing, amazing, like magic. Knows right where to work the muscles. Jerry, Meghan and the rest of the staff were very nice and knowledgeable."

                                                                                                                                                 Anna Marie


"Everyone I worked with were wonderful.  They are encouraging.  If I ever need to I will come back.  Thanks all of staff"




"After months of dealing with a dysfunctional knee and massive quad weakness, I chose McKenzie Crossing to help me.  Wit two visits I had significant improvement in how I feel and my goal worked much better.  This is the only clinic I will go to, specifically traveling from Utah to get treated here." 




With the expertise help from Brian and staff, I have been able to return to all activities of daily living and gym/resistance training with recommendations and progression.  Highly recommend anyone needing PT to schedule an appointment.


"In two words: "Very Positive" - After surgery the PT helped in my recovery by showing me areas that I need to work on.  This became my focus, each visit the exercises would show progress or help me improve a the next visit.  I would highly recommend McKenzie Crossing!  The staff is professional, friendly, and know their stuff. "


"Nick has been a fabulous PT.  He is gentle but also works out the pain while explaining exactly what and why he's maneuvering my ankle.  Kate & Meghann are excellent as well.  Front staff is friendly and prompt to answers questions and provide chart notes when I requested them.  I highly recommend this facility."


"I've been dealing with pain for years and Brian and staff got me feeling better and doing the activities I enjoy.  Everyone that worked with me was knowledgeable and friendly."


"Brian and his staff are very professional and knowledgeable in their field of expertise.  Brian takes time to do a thorough analysis and his treatment is unique and very successful.  I highly recommend Brian if you have any physical issues.  He's the best!"



"Care team at McKenzie Crossing was great to work with.  Jerry was amazing in healing me weekly with my foot pain and  giving me a great course of action to heal my injury. "


"I had the quickest recovery from an accident I have ever had.  The people are all great and personable.  If I ever need physical therapy again I will definitely come back here.  Thank you all!"


"Everyone helped me get to a healthy place.  Their teaching was very informative and helpful.  I never felt overwhelmed or rushed.  Thank you everyone." 



"Having my therapy with Brian and his staff has been a life changing experience while dealing with back pain from a car accident.  the hands-on strain/counter strain method has been remarkable for my healing, and I even felt relief after the first visit.  Meghan is very patient making sure I understand my exercise routine for at home.  They are THE best!"


"I would give my experience with McKenzie Crossing PT five stars.  I appreciate the personalized program and goals that were set to treat my specific issues - very kind and supportive staff.  Everyone is professional and I felt I was in good hands!"


"Great experience and very helpful and knowledgeable.  Thank you"


"The practitioners at McKenzie Crossing are so knowledgeable, compassionate and friendly.  I felt better after each visit and with the stretches and exercises they gave me, have reduced my shoulder and hip pain to very manageable levels.  Thank you!"


"Cheryl Gesik is a wonderful and talented PT who is able to diagnose and attack problems problems with wisdom and a gentle touch.  I have made so much progress, far more than I ever imagined possible.  Eugene/Springfield is lucky to have a PT of her caliber.  Also a great office staff, very professional."





"Have went to McKenzie Crossing over the past 2 years and their staffing from the front desk to the Therapists is exceptional.  The best experience I've had by far compared to several other Therapy Clinics I've been to.  Cheryl and her staff are amazing in their field of therapy."



"My experience in care with Cheyenne and Kate has been exceptional.  The therapy they do is gentle, yet I have had better than I ever expected results.  I've avoided surgery and all without countless hours of daily exercises.  I do follow the easy recommendations and my plantar fasciitis is 100% resolved, where I had trouble walking and constant pain when I started.  10/10 recommend!"


"Love the gentle approach to releasing tension in sore spots.  Exercises have been helpful."


"I came in for knee stability.  They helped me build the strength in my knee and gave me easy to understand and remember exercises that I could do at home."


"My experience was excellent.  Everyone was always friendly and professional."


"McKenzie Crossing is by far the "Best" Physical Therapy in Eugene/Springfield. The technique used is slightly different than previously I've had. The results for me hands down, best results!!  I can not say enough about this Clinic.  I would never go anywhere else.  They are all amazing from the front office to the clinic area.  I work in health care, and I feel this is the best choice for any injury or recovery. A++ clinic."


"Was exceptional! I was very scared when I started therapy! Feeling so much stronger and pain free! Thank you!"


"I absolutely LOVE Mckenzie Crossing and all of their therapists (especially Cheyenne). Everyone is super attentive and I feel so much better after my physical therapy. I won't go anywhere else!"



 "Very helpful, began to improve immediately with first visit and had consistent improvement throughout time of therapy. So, so grateful to have this treatment."


"It was a good experience, I came in with a lot of pain and now I'm pain free. Everyone I worked with was very nice!"


"Wonderful! My concerns were listened to, and the treatments helped immensely. I would recommend their services to anyone needing therapy."


"I was referred to MCOPT with hip pain that made it difficult to climb stairs and enjoy daily activities. The team, led by Nick, was extremely helpful in providing relief via targeting pressure points and exercises specific to the impacted area. I appreciate the kind and caring treatment I received."




"I like my PT and liked him working on my trigger points very much. I like the exercises and find them helpful."                                                                                                                                                                                                                       


"Absolutely fantastic personalized care! Jerry and all the PT assistants were very gentle and caring. My treatment progressed quickly and I experienced resolution of my symptoms faster than anticipated. Excellent care!"


"McKenzie Crossing PT is a wonderful place! I have been in for several issues over the years. The staff and therapists are kind, caring and knowledgeable in helping me heal and get back to feeling great."


"McKenzie Crossing, Nick, Gwyn, and all of the staff have been so helpful. When I first came in I could barely walk and my pain was intense. The exercises I was given and the care provided have improved my symptoms 100%. I am so appreciative of everyone and the kindness and care that is always shown. Hopefully I won't need future care but if I do I know exactly where I will receive my physical therapy. I will always recommend McKenzie Crossing, Nick and crew."


"Excellent! Very professional staff. Well organized and knowledgeable. Pressure points and exercise helped me get stronger and recover quickly."

                                                                                                                                                                                       Mirjana C. 

"McKenzie Crossing staff has helped me find relief from chronic pain and has taught me strategies to prevent and treat injury."


"Excellent staff and services. Very well run office!"


"Nick is very professional & knowledgeable. He is a delight to work with. I would highly recommend him and his team to anyone."                                                                                                                                                                                             Amy

"After 3 surgeries that resulted in an ankle fusion, Brian and staff are the only reason I am able to walk, go to work and not live in constant pain. They have been a lifesaver and I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you McKenzie Crossing!"


"I had a knee injury I ignored for too long.  The pain kept getting worse and moved up to my hip. Brian completed 7 or 8 treatments and my pain is gone. I recommend McKenzie Crossing for all your PT needs."



"I have had the pleasure of being treated twice by McKenzie Crossing and have had nothing but positive experiences. I worked with Nicholas G. and he was very knowledgeable and helpful in improving my quality of life. All staff is friendly and I would highly recommend them to anyone.


"I had a very positive experience. I really appreciated the care given to me by all providers. And I really feel good about the progress I have made. Thanks so much!"


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